1. Practise makes perfect - the progress in learning to play guitar will depend on you. To learn to play an instrument we need to develop muscle memory and that comes from consistent repetition (ideally daily or at least 3-4 times a week). Some things you will be able to do straight away, some after a week of practising, some might take a few months or a few years. The key to success is commitment and consistency

2. Be realistic - manage your time. If you are super busy with your work, studies and life, do not promise yourself to practise daily for 3 hours. Start with 3 times a week and ideally set a specific time for your practising sessions - that will reduce chances to look for excuses when you are not in the mood, tired or lack motivation.

3. Don’t play the whole piece or song, work on small sections that you feel you are struggling with - it can be a bar, a phrase or just a few notes. Repeat the phrase slowly as many times as you need to be able to play it. Then increase the tempo and repeat the phrase again. Repeat the process till you can play the phrase in acquired tempo.

4. Structure - The most effective way to practise would look like this:

Warm up (play scales or warm up exercises) - a song/tune/exercise that is the most challenging - other songs/tunes/exercises that you were playing in the lesson - something easy and fun you want to play.

5. Believe in yourself - the greatest musicians started as beginners.

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